COVID-19 Response

We Are Here, When You Are Ready

At 4411 Inn & Suites, our goal is to provide you with a wonderful and memorable stay. Even amongst the recent Covid-19 challenges we face, we want to ensure you your safety and wellbeing are our priority.

We will be taking additional measures and making adjustments to help your stay with us is worry free with consideration to Covid-19. We will update you within the week prior to your arrival with any changes or adjustments that are in place. We are in communication with local health authorities and abide by all current standards and recommendations. We ask that you help implement these adjustments for the health of your family, other guests, and our staff.


We welcome you! Remote check-in/out will be used whenever possible. Please know we are excited to have you here as our guests!


The 4411 Inn & Suites is perfect for the modern traveler: standalone rooms minimize interactions with other guests, and our staff prides itself on providing clean, professional, positive service and accommodations so you can stop worrying about the details and start exploring the area we love so dearly.

Additional housekeeping measures will be taken following the Indiana Dept. of Health guidelines. Cleanliness is a priority for 4411 Inn & Suites. Our sheets will continue to be washed with hot water, bleach, and strong detergent. Depending on circumstances, we may ask you to adjust your arrival/departure times to allow enough time to properly clean and sanitize.

For the safety of our guests and team members, fresh towels and/or housekeeping services during your stay will be available by request only.

Arrival and Departure times may be adjusted to allow for proper implantation of the Indiana Dept. of Health guidelines.

If you have concerns about Covid-19 and your reservation, please give us a call at (219) 249-4411.

We are happy to answer your questions to ensure you enjoy your stay with us.

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